Dental Implant Surgical Procedures Explained

Alternative surgical procedures could be prescribed by the presiding dentist or orthodontist in the event that complications arise. The dental implant surgery lake mary patients may struggle with may, for instance, have something to do with the fact that their jaws are not able to support their new implants. Such complications also rule out what is referred to as a zygomatic implant. Here are some of the procedures that might have to be used.

Bone augmentation, the sinus lift and the ridge expansion will be the three main procedures under discussion should the traditional zygomatic implant procedure have to fall away. During the bone augmentation procedure, the dentist restores the bone in the patient’s jaw. This is done should the jaw not be able to support the new dental implants. Bone additives could also be used to fortify the bone.

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In the case of the sinus lift, bone will be added below the sinus. This is the case should bone deteriorate owing to missing upper back teeth. In the case of the ridge expansion, the jaw is just not wide enough for the new dental implants. In this case, the dentist can graft material so that it can be added into a space created along the top of the jaw. All three of these techniques work, by the way. The fact that they may not always suit the patient is not a reflection of the work.

But thanks to 3D imaging work, the dentist or orthodontist should always be best placed to make accurate diagnoses towards prescribing the most appropriate set of procedures. In this case, the presiding examiner is able to view a 3D model of the jaw. Finally, prescriptions are not always influenced by physiological circumstances or conditions.